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4.8g Natural color

4.8g Natural color

Color:4.8g Natural color 
TypeOfPitting:no texture 
Pinhole:Medical grade: AQL1.0/1.5,Industrial grade: AQL: 4.0
Surface:Medical grade: AQL1.5,Industrial grade: AQL: 4.0 
Packaging:100pcs/ box, 10boxes/case 

Introduce of Product:

Material: polyvinyl chloride(allergen&powder-free, low dust loading, low ion content, no plasticizers, ester, silicone oil and etc.)
Weight: 4.5g,4.8g
Color: clear
Size: XS/S/M/L/XL
Grade:(pinhole rate)Medical grade: AQL1.0/1.5,Industrial grade: AQL: 4.0
(appearance)Medical grade: AQL1.5,Industrial grade: AQL: 4.0
Packing: 100pcs/ box, 10boxes/case
1 It is used in cleanroom and purification workshop and for manufacturing semiconductor, hard disk, LCD/DVD, pharmacy, precise instruments and etc.
2 It is widely applied to sanitary inspection industry, food industry, chemical industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and etc.
1 Strong chemical resistance (weak acid& weak base-resistance)
2 Low ion content
3 Good flexibility and tactility and easy donning
4 Suitable for processing semiconductor, LCD and hard disk
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