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To speed up the innovative medical devices into the market

"Innovation is the founding of a country, is the source of a industry development. Basic dependence on imported high-end medical equipment in China. Can promote the development of innovative medical device products, related to the long-term development of the medical device industry in China."Zhao Jiguang member of the attention focused on how to promote the development of independent innovation of medical equipment products.
Promote the development of independent innovation of medical equipment products, the first thing to understand the current main problems existing in the development of.Zhao Jiguang said, now, medical equipment category is numerous, each product has its own technical characteristics, and it is the integration of multidisciplinary technology, which requires close cooperation between different innovation main body.
"And now just lack of establish a multi-agent collaborative innovation cooperation mechanism."Zhao Jiguang member introduction, some developed countries have relatively perfect on innovation environment the interests of the chain mechanism, prompted the related industrial chain in mutual transformation between development and production of the main body, profit distribution, intellectual property and other issues have clear allocation mechanism.And on the innovation direction of the medical equipment in our country at present mainly rely on imitation."We should through the establishment of the independent innovation system of machine system, change the policy environment, independent innovation products have enough profit returns, to solve the problem of insufficient power of independent innovation."
Zhao Jiguang members also pointed out that the current industrialization of medical apparatus and instruments still need further perfect."The core component of medical equipment, because bulk is small, the dosage is not big, many enterprises are not willing to do. In the medical device industry innovation, many experts believe core component is the key problem, but solve the problem of the core components of the biggest difficulties is insufficient funds."
"At the same time, with the rapid development of our economy and the innovation of medical device in gradually emerging, innovation policy environment needed for the medical devices and the contradiction between the existing policy environment has become more prominent."When it comes to the problem of the current market environment, Zhao Jiguang members think, because the hospital circulation channels is not transparent, marketization degree is not high, the lack of a scientific and standardized professional evaluation of medical devices, "although our country has a batch of high-quality domestic medical equipment independent innovation products, but many medical institutions or don't want to buy, don't want to use, innovative products into the market, innovation product quality is not cheap, not through market return in time for the follow-up development has become the development of China's medical equipment industry as a whole is a big problem."
On how to promote the development of independent innovation of medical equipment products, Zhao Jiguang member Suggestions, will innovate medical equipment product research and development as the major projects of the state council."New drug research and development has been listed as one of the major projects of the state council within five years ago, greatly promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The international medical equipment development faster than drugs, if medical equipment product development innovation is listed as one of the major projects of the state council, will certainly to promote our country medical instrument industry rapid development, and may soon gain a foothold in the world."
Zhao Jiguang commissioner called within the scope of their respective duties, imposed on the implementation of the policy of promoting the development of the independent innovation of medical equipment products."Now the country's drug safety administration has introduced a special approval process ' 'innovative medical equipment. I think even harder when executing the program, make innovative medical equipment products are safe and effective, quickly into the market."
Zhao Jiguang members hope relevant departments can in terms of price, bidding and entered the hospital formulate corresponding policies and regulations, promote innovation medical instrument quickly into the domestic market."The best is to establish innovative products enjoy most favoured quasi into the filing system."Zhao Jiguang commissioner said: "in the application of the product phase should also establish a similar green channel - in public hospitals, by national finance support, by means of the fiscal and taxation policy, make innovative products would be able to be put into use, and can give special policies in health care and other links and encouraged to submit an expense account standard."
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